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    • Fragmentary Oceans : MFA Thesis - Ceramics 

      Horvat, Sabina (2014-05)
      I am interested in how the inscription of our observations and gestures within the landscape defines our connection with the environment. My inspiration comes from nature as it represents a reflection of our interventions. ...
    • Singing For the Mute: MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

      Rony, Chantie (2016-05)
      The Silent Song, the body of works in my thesis exhibition, intends to praises the lyric quality of nature and also implies a duality – the melancholy and ephemerality hidden behind the seeming serenity or vitality of the ...
    • The Tribe: Talismans, Amulets, and Objects of Remembrance: MFA Thesis - Metal 

      Holman, Steven Gordon (2014-05)
      Motif-laden and anecdotal, my current works are a series of artifacts from The Tribe. The Tribe was born out of the West Desert and contemporary hunting culture, its shaman the rabbit and its oracle the magpie. Tapping ...