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    • Closer Approximations: MFA Thesis - Metal 

      Kellogg, Benjamin (2018-05)
      My work is situated in a framework of practice and play—the result of an iterative process. Formal conclusions emerge as responses to self-imposed systems of making. I fabricate jewelry tangent to simple drawing programs ...
    • Instruments of wonder: MFA Thesis - Metal   

      Chen, Xiao (2019-05)
      This collection of optical instruments allows the audience to imagine their surroundings through a new lens: to hide, to look inward, or to discover. This set of invented tools examine perception and promote exploration. ...
    • Shift: MFA Thesis - Metal 

      Fiorentino, Mary Beth (2018-05)
      My interest lies in the adaptability and persistence of the living world, particularly in the face of adverse conditions—like a young fern that unfurls through a small crack in the sidewalk. Patiently, the forces of nature ...