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  • Home/Sweet Home: MFA Thesis - Painting & Drawing 

    Moneymaker, Sara (2018-05)
    Home/Sweet Home explores human presence and absence by calling attention to what is not there. This series of paintings explore the profound loneliness of abandoned interior spaces. Themes revolve around how an environment ...
  • Symbioses, Recollect: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Christie, Kimberly (2017-05)
    ‘Symbioses: Recollect’ focuses on themes of memory and relationship. Symbolic ceramic sculptures join dreamy relief prints in simplifying the complexities of these ideas. The word ‘symbiosis’ translates to ‘living together’. ...
  • Un/Contained: MFA Thesis - Ceramics 

    O'Connell Reid, Jennifer (2018-05)
    My work revolves around the phenomenological experience of botanical enrapture. I explore the ways in which the vessel grounds otherwise unfathomable abstractions of desire and intimacy. I work with typologies of the vessel ...