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    • Exploring The Relationship Between Oral and Orthographic Skills in Deaf Individuals 

      Huie, Molly K. (2010-03-18)
      This study examines the relationship between speech production skills and orthographic skills in deaf readers using behavioral indices of word form processing. The Reicher- Wheeler forced-choiced paradigm was used to ...
    • Integrating American Sign Language into the inclusive classroom 

      Kennedy, Alicia (2019-05)
      An Inclusive classroom is an environment where students with various educational needs are educated within the same setting. Integrating American Sign Language into an inclusive classroom has the ability to better assist ...
    • The unspoken truth deafness around the world 

      Ferrer, Johanna (2019-05)
      Deafness has been a topic fairly unspoken of. The Deaf community and culture, like any other culture has unwritten and written bylaws. After personally experiencing deafness overseas, it sparked an interest to explore ...