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    • The dangers of plastic 

      DePaola, Nicole (2019-12)
      Bisphenol A (BPA) is used to make plastics and has been found to be a xenoestrogen. Planaria (Girardia tigrina), regenerating flatworms, were exposed to BPA and deuterated BPA (D8-BPA). Phenotypic effects of BPA on the ...
    • An injection of truth: an exploration of public health inequalities concerning vaccinations during outbreaks 

      Scarimbolo, Laura (2018-05)
      The inequalities in vaccine uptake can lead to outbreaks that further exploit the differences in health. Public health initiatives in the United States attempt to provide better vaccination coverage and awareness in response, ...
    • Iridium complexes of quinone-based phosphine ligands 

      Thackeray, Sachin S. (2019-12)
      This project was focused on the synthesis of iridium complexes containing Quinone-based phosphine ligands under dry and inert conditions. Iridium complexes with pincer-type ligands have been shown to serve as efficient ...