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  • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 13, Number 1 (Fall 2000) 

    Wunderlich, Roger; Shepherd, Elizabeth; Simon, Donald E.; Harmond, Richard P.; Stone, Gaynell; Dobrin, Arthur B.; Sokol, David; Branche, Lauren; Chavkin, Jonathan; Thaler, Perri; Ruff, Joshua; Strong, John A.; Braff, Phyllis; Naylor, Natalie A.; Acritelli, Richard (Stony Brook University, Department of History, 2000)
    TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT / FEATURE ARTICLES: Go East, Young Man: Nineteenth-Century Farm Life on the South Fork of Long Island by Roger Wunderlich - 1 / Long Island to the Measure of Oxen by Elizabeth ...
  • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 15, Numbers 1-2 (Fall 2002/Spring 2003) 

    Sandford, Ann H.; Solomon, Geri; Cramer van den Bogaart, Annette M.; Naylor, Natalie A.; Roe, Priscilla Redfield; Acritelli, Richard; Strong, John A.; Forman, Jane; Johnson, Brian; Malone, Andrew; Niemi, Victoria; Beal, Thomas D.; Reitano, Joanne; Scheibel, Kathleen L.; Weigold, Marilyn E.; Cooper, Karen; Smith, III, Edward H.L.; Wilbur, Garry A.; Ryan, Sr. Joan; Rosenthal, Joel; Naylor, Natalie A. (Stony Brook University, Department of History, 2003)
    TABLE OF CONTENTS - FEATURE ARTICLES: Rural Connections: Early Republic Bridgehampton and Its Wider World, 1790-1805 by Ann H. Sandford - 1 / Alicia Patterson, “Newspaperman” by Geri Solomon - 23 / The Life of ...