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    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 19, Numbers 1-2 (Fall 2006/Spring 2007) 

      Strong, John A.; Howlett, Charles F.; Harris, Bradley L.; Flack, J. Kirkpatrick; Douglas, Leroy E.; Woulfin, Dan; Breschard, Jayme; Longmire, Stephen; Fauss, Eric; Harmond, Richard P.; Weigold, Marilyn E.; Staudt, John G.; Wilbur, Garry A.; Naylor, Natalie A.; Kelly, Barbara M.; Welch, Richard F.; Hamilton, Marsha L.; Simon, Donald E.; Cash, Floris Barnett; Sloam, Myrna; Sandford, Ann H.; Kroessler, Jeffrey A.; Nyitray, Kristen J.; Russell, Barbara M. (Stony Brook University, The Center for Regional Policy Studies and Department of History, 2007)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - FEATURE ARTICLES: The Autonomous Commonwealth: Southampton, 1640-1644 by John A. Strong - 1 / The Garden City Hotel and the Modern American Peace Movement by Charles F. Howlett - 20 ...