The School of Art and Design has undergraduate and graduate programs in Fine Arts. For the B.F.A. degree students can concentrate in or combine studies from four divisions: Ceramic Art, Expanded Media (Graphic Design, Print Media, Video and Sonic Arts), Drawing, Painting, and Photography, or Sculpture/Dimensional Studies (Glass, Wood, Metal, Paper, Neon, Mixed Media). The M.F.A. degree is offered in Ceramic Art, Sculpture/Dimensional Studies, or Electronic Integrated Arts. Full-time faculty and technicians, fully equipped facilities and an active Visiting Artist Program support students in pursuing their creative visions. Each graduate student has a private studio and 24 hr. access to all facilities.

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  • Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) - Images of Thesis Work [0]

    This representative group of images documents work in recent thesis exhibitions for the Master of Fine Arts degree. The complete collection of M.F.A. images and accompanying written theses are housed in the Samuel R. ...