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  • Old Testament Spatial Metaphor and Troilus and Criseyde: A Study in Persistence 

    Wenzel, Heather Louise Kelly (2006-04-18)
    Some of the most powerful tropes are figures of speech that both mirror and influence the way a culture understands the world. Some of the most formative gender tropes are contained in the Old Testament, particularly in ...
  • Heroes and Villians in Michael Moore's Roger and Me:A Fantasy Theme Analysis 

    Smith, Kathryn L. (2006-05-16)
    Michael Moore’s Roger and Me (1989) was a highly acclaimed documentary film when it was released in theaters nearly sixteen years ago. Though scholars have examined the film through a number of critical lenses, none have ...
  • Autism and the Support Needed for Children and Their Parents 

    Ball, Leigh (2006-10-12)
    Autism is a disorder that is affecting thousands of children each year. With the number of children being diagnosed rising from one in ten thousand a few years ago to one in one hundred and fifty currently. Programs are ...
  • The Wanderer's Way: the Grundgestalt and Developing Variation 

    Booth, Christopher (2006-10-12)
    The grundgestalt, a term of Schoenberg, referring to the initial material of a work that is organically developed through the entire work, is often employed in analysis and discussion of Beethoven and earlier Classicists, ...
  • Creationism Versus Evolution 

    Stewart, Lisa (2006-10-12)
    New York State’s educational system fails to address the theory of Creationism in regards to the Living Environment Core Curriculum. The purpose of this study was to examine the theoretical points of view contained within ...
  • The big audio test 

    Test, Testy (2007-04-09)
    Brief sound clip for demontration puposes only.
  • Coaching for Success: Methods for Motivating the High School Athletes 

    Rowley, David (2008-04-02)
    The purpose of this study was to research various motivational techniques used with high school student athletes. Data for this study was collected through observations of practices and games of high school student ...

    Ingerson, Lisa (2008-04-02)
    This study gathered information on successful inclusionary practices that have been implemented in the public education settings. The research was designed to examine different strategies and how they succeed in the ...
  • A Comparison of Effects of Eating Breakfast On Student Motivation and Student Academic Participation 

    Countryman, Shane; Richardson, Kevin (2008-04-02)
    Over the past decade, there has been a surge in research relating to the effects of eating breakfast on the three major factors of the student’s school success: (1) cognitive performance, (2) attention and energy levels, ...
  • Teaching Strategies and Student Motivation 

    Keith, Jade; Pritchard, Tiffany; Roesch, Barry (2008-04-02)
    The purpose of this research was to identify if instructional techniques that have been deemed influential positively influence student motivation. This research examined student motivation in the classroom, instructional ...
  • Lunches Served In Schools 

    Bryant, Shannon; Brown, Donald (2008-04-02)
    Nutritional meals and knowledge of nutrition are two weapons needed to fight the battle on school lunches. Healthy menus play a significant role in training the minds of our future. Nutritional meals have been shown to ...
  • Parental Involvement and the Implications on Student Achievement, Motivation and Student Behavior 

    St. Croix, Jason M. (2008-04-02)
    This study is concerned with how parental involvement affects student achievement since parental involvement has implications for student achievement, behavior, and motivation. Educators realize there are obstacles that ...
  • Effective Teaching 

    Petrie, Trinia; Spooner, Al; McLarnon, Mary (2008-04-29)
    In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Multiple Intelligences and brain-based learning on student learning and retention, a review of literature was conducted. Specifically, distributive practice will be investigated ...
  • Effective Inclusion Practices 

    Eddy, Krisite (2008-04-29)
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the inclusion methodologies currently in place in Northern New York Elementary schools. Of particular interest to the researcher is the effectiveness, teacher staff reactions, ...
  • The Effect of Animals in the Classroom on Emotionally Disturbed Students 

    Donnell, Alissa (2008-04-29)
    Students with emotional disturbances are often the first to drop out of school. Having an effective technique to prevent the high drop out rate in any school will be beneficial to educators and administration. The following ...
  • Combating Childhood Obesity 

    White, Elizabeth Lytle (2008-04-29)
    Childhood obesity rates have grown at a very high rate in the past three decades. Although it is highly recommended that school age children get at least sixty minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per day, many physical ...
  • Educators Perceived Preparedness Regarding the Needs of Culturally Diverse Students 

    Brand, Ryan Elizabeth (2008-04-29)
    With the growing military population in Northern New York, and therefore culturally diverse population, we need to evaluate the perceived preparedness of classroom teachers regarding the needs of culturally diverse students. ...
  • Post-Bebop Modality: Middle Eastern Musical Style in Davis and Coltrane 

    Witulski, Christopher James (2008-04-29)
    The purpose of this study is to describe the uses of Middle Eastern and Andalusian musical style in the music of Gil Evans, Miles Davis and John Coltrane with special emphasis on their respective individual interpretations ...
  • A Comparison of Parental Involvement on Student Academic Motivation and Student Academic Performance 

    Coyer, Erin (2008-04-29)
    The purpose of this study was to determine how parental involvement affects student academic achievement and academic performance. The researcher surveyed students and their parents to find out the amount of participation ...
  • Access to Education for Women in Nigeria 

    Boyea, Tonya (2008-05-06)