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    • Divisible Load Scheduling in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks 

      Choi, Kijeung; Robertazzi, Thomas G. (Stony Brook, N.Y.: State University of New York at Stony Brook, College of Engineering., 2009-12-15)
      Optimal data scheduling strategies in a clustered hierarchical wireless sensor network are investigated. Data aggregation scheme in clusterheads are considered. Information utility, a newly introduced parameter is used ...
    • Simple Performance Bounds for Multicore and Parallel Channel Systems 

      Robertazzi, Thomas G.; Gamboa, Carlos (Stony Brook University. College of Engineering and Applied Sciences., 2010-07-19)
      A simple modi cation of existing divisible load scheduling algo- rithms, boosting link speed by M for M parallel channels per link, allows time optimal load scheduling and performance prediction for parallel channel ...