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What innovative projects would you like to ASC SUNY about? Welcome to our Academic Sharing Community: A SUNY Catalog of Educational Projects and Innovative Initiatives (ASC SUNY). In response to challenges faced by many in Higher Education, innovative solutions and projects flood the landscape. Across SUNY, there are countless pockets of innovation. Many projects evolved through IITG and other grants. Some are generated from Student Success programs. Others progressed through industry and professional partnerships and local economic needs. The accomplishments and lessons learned from these projects are hidden gems across the system and are rarely organized and shared in ways that can deliberately impact other campuses’ processes and offerings. So, let’s organize and share them! We are cataloging innovation in its many forms. Innovation may range from being ground breaking to a simple change that makes a difference on campus. All types of innovation are important and useful to recognize. Through our work on an IITG project we are developing a SUNY-wide, web-based interactive academic sharing community with a catalog of educational projects and innovative initiatives. If you have a project that you would like to share, please contact


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