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The SUNY Learning Network is the convergence of pedagogy, technology, and support services. Through SLN, SUNY faculty members have been empowered to offer thousands of online courses in scores of degree programs to tens of thousands of students. SLN-powered courses redefine online learning. They integrate today’s students into learning environments that provide intensive interaction, individual attention, high standards, and enhanced learning outcomes. The SUNY Learning Network (SLN) was established to increase access to SUNY's academic programs and maintain consistently high-quality online pedagogy. SLN supports the full range of online learning, from courses that use the Web to enhance in-class teaching, through courses and full degree programs available completely online. The SUNY Learning Network is: Robust course management system software to support the full range of online education; Professional development for all participating faculty; Community of users committed to access to high-quality, enhanced learning outcomes; Technology hosting, management, development, and maintenance on SUNY-wide servers.


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