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    Poster: Publishing at Fisher: the First Two Years
    (2015-03-20) Marrese, Alicia; Hockenberry, Benjamin; St. John Fisher College
    Since its 2012 launch, St. John Fisher College’s institutional repository (IR), Fisher Digital Publications, has expanded and its staffing model has evolved. Due to an increasing popularity and demand for new projects in our IR, Fisher determined that a dedicated coordinator was needed. In this presentation, we will illustrate the changes in workflow that followed the adaptation of a staff member’s role to include repository coordination duties. The division of workload is the centerpiece of this poster. Staff and students from all library departments are involved in the publishing enterprise. Each person involved brings their expertise and strengths to other areas of responsibility in the project. From communicating with faculty, laying out documents, creating discoverable records, curating and scanning archives, working with publishers, training, and outreach, Fisher Digital Publications is truly a library-wide effort that supports the scholarly endeavors of our institution. We anticipate growth in the areas of self-submission, digitization of archives, data and media, continual support of existing content, and open educational resources. With the support of a dedicated coordinator and an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach, we are confident that we will continue to embrace opportunities to meet the needs of our scholarly community.
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    Keynote: Publishing for Love
    (2015-03-20) Royster, Paul; University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Why should libraries be interested in publishing? And how should they go about getting started with a publishing program? What are the aims and values that should drive the effort? Should it follow the examples of the university presses and other scholarly publishers, or is there need for a new basis and approach to scholarly communication? What are appropriate products, formats, and workflows? How does one deal with authors and other participants in the process? Paul Royster, a library publisher for the past 10 years (and a “regular” publisher for 20 years before that) will address these and related issues, with emphasis on the motivational aspects and the rewards of the experience
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    Creating eBooks for Educators
    (2015-03-20) Ghidiu, Dave; State University of New York
    The production of eBooks has never been more relevant as a skill for educators. Not only are eBooks gaining widespread acceptance at blazing speeds, but most readers offer tools (highlighting, note taking, social sharing, etc.) and prices that traditional textbooks cannot offer. This workshop will take participants through the easy steps of creating an eBook (not a PDF), and highlight some of the quality, free tools available.
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    Collaborating in Library Publishing
    (2015-03-20) Spiller, James; Brown, Allison; Fallon, Moira; Guptill, Amy; Morgan, Brian; SUNY Geneseo; The College at Brockport
    Description: A panel discussion on publishing with libraries, university presses, faculty and scholars. Panelists will highlight their experiences in collaborating with libraries and talk about library publishing affecting the future of scholarly publishing and scholarly communications.Panelists include: Two faculty members from Brockport who have each written an open access textbook A faculty member from Geneseo who works with the library on an open access journal A co-director and Acquisitions Editor from SUNY Press An editor for the Open SUNY Textbooks project and for the Geneseo publishing program
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    Fulton Memoirs
    (2015-03-20) Maute, Betty; Fulton Public Library
    A priority of I2NY – the Information Infrastructure for New York, a collaboration of libraries of all types – is “Library as Publisher”. Since 2013 a Work Group has presented webinars on the various ways libraries are engaged in publishing. In 2014, the group, with funding from the NY 3Rs Association, Inc., sponsored a unique grant opportunity: $10,000 to one or more libraries for a project that demonstrated how libraries are publishers and could be replicated by others. The Fulton Memoirs is one such project, and Library Director Betty Maute shares the process, the experience and the results of this grass roots memoir writing project.