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The Gateway is Fulton Montgomery Community College’s official student run newspaper. The newspaper puts out new editions on a monthly basis. The articles are submitted by various Communications Classes, and also the Communications Club here on Campus. There’s a wide variety of topics, while still being related to FMCC events.


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    Gateway (September, 2017)
    (FMCC Communications Club, 2017-09) McQueen, Joe/Chief Editor; Reinoso, Ejerlin/Associate Editor; Baines, Estelle/Associate Editor; Payan, Nadia/Staff Reporter; Prock, Danielle/Staff Reporter; Lange, Catalina/Staff Reporter; Robinson, Scott/Staff Reporter; Hutt, Jay/Staff Reporter; Rosario, Devin/Staff Reporter; Hayes, Kelsey/Staff Reporter
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    Gateway (February, 2017)
    (FMCC Communications Club, 2017-02) Anderson, Elizabeth/Chief Editor; McQueen, Joe/Associate Editor; Reinoso, Ejerlin/Staff Reporter; Nellis, Marissa/Staff Reporter; Tran, Jennifer/Staff Reporter; Comstock, Austin/Staff Reporter; Makanera, Ibrahim/Staff Reporter; Lange, Catalina/Staff Reporter; Murray, Carlnika/Staff Reporter; Rosario, Devin/Staff Reporter; Subail, Imran/Staff Reporter; Arauz, Youza/Staff Reporter; Weldner, Deakon/Staff Reporter; Banks, Taylor/Staff Reporter; Bang Seo, In/Staff Reporter
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    Gateway (March, 2007)
    (FMCC Communications Club, 2007-03) Chester, Molly/Co-Editor; Gillen, Bradlee/Co-Editor; Weil, Scott/Sports Editor; Davis, Crystal/Staff Reporter; Borgolini, John/Staff Reporter; Snyder, Nate/Staff Reporter; Weakley, Nicole/Staff Reporter; Sullivan, Luke/Staff Reporter
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    Gateway (February, 2007)
    (FMCC Communications Club, 2007-02) Chester, Molly/Editor; Weil, Scott/Sports Editor; Van Husen, Chris/Staff Reporter; Stanzel, Jeremy/Staff Reporter; Davis, Crystal/Staff Reporter; Gillen, Bradlee/Staff Reporter; Munroe, Candece/Staff Reporter; Snyder, Nate/Staff Reporter; David, Allison/Staff Reporter
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    Gateway (December, 2006)
    (FMCC Communications Club, 2006-12) Chester, Molly/Editor; Wei, Scott/Sports Editor; Husen, Chris/Staff Reporter; Snyder, Nate/Staff Reporter; Davis, Crystal/Staff Reporter; Stanzel, Jeremy/Staff Reporter; Gillen, Bradlee/Staff Reporter
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