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    Chivalric schism : the man who occupies the masculine and the feminine
    (2014) Morris, Timothy C.
    "Designated male and female gender roles have created a certain set of expections that shape the lives of men and women, with benefits and drawbacks for each of the sexes. This paper examines two major medieval themes across three texts of the time to illlustrate the dichotomy, the armophous concepts of rape and shamfastnesse. It appears as though the ambiguity surrounding the word rape is a trait that is shared by the word shame, though their implications are the opposite for females and males, or the feminine and the masculine."
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    Resistance training behaviors in college-aged women
    (2013) Kornblatt, Melanie
    "The purpose of this study is to develop an understanding of women’s training behavior in the weight room and what their beliefs and perceptions were in regards to lifting weights. Analyzing the observations and focus groups results, a significant association between area in the weight room and lifting companion was found. College-aged women strive to attain "the ideal body ."
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    National Collegiate Athletic Association head coaches' satisfaction with athletic training services
    (2015) Larson, Whitney
    "The purpose of this study is to dermine the level of satisfaction that head coaches have with those providing athletic training services across all three NCAA Divisions. Using a survey method, the overall satisfaction and four satisfaction categories (professionalism, communication, knowledge/ability, and accessibility) were examined. A total of 40 head coaches from NCAA Division I, II, and III schools participated in the study. Results showed that there were no differences for overall satisfaction scores or the four satisfaction category scores among NCAA Division. Findings indicate that athletic trainers are providing a high quality of service regardless of competitive level and that certain dimensions of satisfaction appear more important on different factors."
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    The Giant Owner (G.O.) program: developing brand loyalty through the use of experiential marketing and social networking
    (2013) Fonner, Josh
    The purpose of this study was to enhance the development of brand loyalty among customers of Giant Bicycles. As suggested by the literature review, the project utilizes the concepts of brand experiences, social networkink, and brand communities to deepen this sense of loyalty among Giant’s consumers. All of these methods have proved to be useful to leaders in other industries in developing brand loyalty.The ultimate goal of the program was to develop a loyal customer base that will help Giant increase its position as a profitable leader in the cycling Industry.
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    Things out o’ nature’ : discovering the narrator in George Eliot’s the mill on the floss
    (2013) Dunbar, Nancy
    Thesis examining the relationship between George Eliot and the narrator of the mill on the floss.