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    Sight Beyond Sights: Some Jokes About Naure
    (2010-04-01T18:08:29Z) Berlangero, Thomas
    My project deals with the fundamentally Western conception of nature as being separate and distinct from human culture. Through painting, collage, and video, I attempt to explore the ways that landscape photography has come to epitomize the idea of nature/culture opposition and the detrimental effects it has had on our collective psyche.
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    Persuit of Memory Through Landscape
    (2010-04-01T18:02:14Z) Koo, Sueim
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    Down the Rabbit Hole
    (2010-04-01T17:56:55Z) Fuerer, Robert
    My Senior Project is a reflection upon the dark side of modern society, fueled by a reaction to the global economic crisis of 2008, which devastated my family. These themes of social dysfunction are charged with my childhood memories and the current state of middle class America.
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    The Deep Blue: A series of Marine Wildlife Studies
    (2010-04-01T17:52:58Z) Jimenez, Olivia Suzanne
    This project is a series of studies of aquatic life prefacing and inspired by a marine based children's book. An experimentation of medium and technique was applied in order to decide the medium of the book. Pen and ink, chalk pastel and etchings were used to try and recreate this underworld.
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    (2010-04-01T17:47:55Z) Hay, Mistral
    Mistral Hay’s Senior BFA Photography project is composed of twenty‐four portraits of dancers right after they have finished dancing a performance. Her work is an experimentation with the concept of the “neutral” face in photography, and to give understanding to the viewer about her inexplicable passion for dance through exposing the vulnerability of the dancers post‐performance.