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    Mabel McCagg Webster, Class of 1922
    Mabel McCagg Webster, Class of 1922. Mabel was from Garland and commuted to Brockport by horse and buggy; learn more about the early '20s at Brockport in this interview.
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    Karen Taylor, interviewed by Keegan Leslie Taylor
    (2019-11-12) Tynan, Jacob; Taylor, Keegan Leslie; SUNY Brockport
    Karen Taylor grew up in Fairport and attended MCC (where she earned her Associate's Degree in Liberal Studies), the University at Buffalo, and Nazareth College (where she earned earned her Bachelor's Degree of Science in Art Education), before attending SUNY Brockport in the mid-1990's. The majority of her classes were on SUNY Brockport's downtown campus. Here she earned her Master's Degree in Counseling and Teaching Children with Special Needs. Taylor has worked throughout her life in several different fields of education, running multiple daycares, substitute teaching, and tutoring. As of 2019, she still tutors.
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    Sharon Helfeld, interviewed by Hannah Travis
    (2019-11-04) Tynan, Jacob; Travis, Hannah; SUNY Brockport
    Sharon Helfield earned a Bachelor's degree in Business with a minor in Psychology in 1992. Her academic focus within Business was Marketing. She has worked in multiple office positions throughout her life, including at Syracuse Stamping, Default Safety, and an orthodontist's. She also worked as a special education teacher's assistant and a general education teacher's assistant at Westhill School District. As of November 2019, Sharon Helfield works as the lead financial aid reviewer at Syracuse Unversity.
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    Kristine Klein, interviewed by Kennedy Platter
    (2020-05-04) Tynan, Jacob; Platter, Kennedy; SUNY Brockport
    Kristine Klein was raised in Greece. She attended Brockport, where she earned a Bachelor's in Music History. She then earned a Master's degree in Library Science at SUNY Geneseo. She then earned a law degree in Georgia. She became politically involved while living in Washington D.C. She has lived in Tennessee, Florida, Maryland, Texas, Washington D.C., and California, and she moved back to New York state in order to spend time with her then dying sister. As of November 2020, she had recently taken archaeology and anthropology courses through the adult education program at SUNY Brockport.
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    Barb Gifford, interviewed by Jessy Blackburn
    (2020-05-10) Tynan, Jacob; Blackburn, Jessy; SUNY Brockport
    Barb Gifford was born and raised in Clifton Springs. She earned her Associate's Degree at Mohawk Valley Community College, and then transferred to SUNY Brockport, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. After having her first child, she and her family moved back to Clifton Springs and worked at the Clifton Springs hospital as a social worker for nearly thirty years. In early 2018, she moved back to Brockport to live closer to her daughter, who teaches at the Brockport Central School District, and to help take care of her grandchildren. As of November 2019, she has audited six courses at SUNY Brockport as part of the college's Lifelong Learning Program.