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    Long Island, NY Business Development Report, Aug 2020
    (Farmingdale State College, 2020-08-03) Feng, Jing Betty
    International trade and foreign direct investment activities are an important part of U.S. economy to support job growth and innovation advancement. The report provides an in-depth analysis of international business activities in New York metro area and Long Island. The report provides an overview of exports performance, foreign direct investment, and business patterns in the region. It helps the regional and local businesses and government agencies to have a better understand of their local economy and international engagement. The 2020 Long Island, NY, Business Development Report includes the analysis based on the available exports and economic data from 2016 to 2018 or 2019. In this report, Nassau and Suffolk county in Long Island showed robust exports and economic growth in 2017 and 2018. However, exports out of New York declined in 2019 due to various international trade issues. Looking forward, 2020 has been and will be an even more challenging for the region due to the pandemic crisis, tension with China, and political uncertainty in Hong Kong (as one of major export destinations for NY). The region will focus on the recovery of the economy and at the same time explore new foreign markets to remain export growth.
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    Long Island Offshore Wind Supply Chain Research and Analysis
    (Farmingdale State College, 2021-05-01) Feng, Jing Betty
    Long Island’s (LI) upcoming offshore wind projects present valuable opportunities to create a whole manufacturing industry growing on the back of investments, contracts, manufacturing, jobs, and services for the offshore wind sector. It is a public interest to bring renewable energy and sustainability to LI and to establish local manufacturing capacity to achieve their economic development goals. The objective of this report is to provide an assessment of LI capability to develop its supply chain for the new growing OSW industry. We first conduct an analysis of the U.S. and global OSW industry by introducing the key players in the marketplace and the emergent trend of the industry. Through interviewing various organizations involving the OSW value chain, we provide an in-depth gap analysis of current stage of LI OSW projects and infrastructural development. Particularly, we present the opportunities and challenges facing the LI manufacturers to enter the new industry. We develop a roadmap of OSW supply chain developments as a guideline for LI businesses. In addition, we benchmark European OSW industry and provide the best practices of the OSW supply chain development in the U.K. to learn from the experiences of our counterparts. Last, we provide an overview of certification and insurance requirements for OSW suppliers.
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    Parochialism and implications for Chinese firms’ globalization
    (The International Association for Chinese Management Research, 2019) Feng, Jing Betty; Liu, Leigh Anne; Jiang, Chunyan
    We explore the meaning of parochialism (xiao nong yi shi) to explain certain paradoxical Chinese managerial behaviors. We discuss how cultural, political, and economic traditions in China formed a salient context to cultivate parochialism. Qualitative data from Chinese and American managers reveal that the conceptual framework of parochialism includes a cognitive dimension of closed-mindedness, a behavioral dimension of self-protection, and a relational dimension of in-group focused social relationship. Parochialism hampers effective globalization of Chinese firms because it negatively impacts key facets of organizational culture: employee development, communication, customer orientation, social responsibility, strategic planning, and innovation. The study offers theoretical and practical implications for Chinese management research and the development of global competence.
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    Retrotransposon activation contributes to neurodegeneration in a Drosophila TDP-43 model of ALS
    (PLOS Genetics, 2017-03-16) Krug, Lisa; Chatterjee, Nabanita; Borges-Monroy, Rebeca; Hearn, Stephen; Liao, Wen-Wei; Morrill, Kathleen; Prazak, Lisa; Rozhkov, Nikolay; Theodorou, Delphine; Hammell, Molly; Dubnau, Josh
    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) are two incurable neurodegenerative disorders that exist on a symptomological spectrum and share both genetic underpinnings and pathophysiological hallmarks. Functional abnormality of TAR DNA-binding protein 43 (TDP-43), an aggregation-prone RNA and DNA binding protein, is observed in the vast majority of both familial and sporadic ALS cases and in ~40% of FTLD cases, but the cascade of events leading to cell death are not understood. We have expressed human TDP-43 (hTDP-43) in Drosophila neurons and glia, a model that recapitulates many of the characteristics of TDP-43-linked human disease including protein aggregation pathology, locomotor impairment, and premature death. We report that such expression of hTDP-43 impairs small interfering RNA (siRNA) silencing, which is the major post-transcriptional mechanism of retrotransposable element (RTE) control in somatic tissue. This is accompanied by derepression of a panel of both LINE and LTR families of RTEs, with somewhat different elements being active in response to hTDP-43 expression in glia versus neurons. hTDP-43 expression in glia causes an early and severe loss of control of a specific RTE, the endogenous retrovirus (ERV) gypsy. We demonstrate that gypsy causes the degenerative phenotypes in these flies because we are able to rescue the toxicity of glial hTDP-43 either by genetically blocking expression of this RTE or by pharmacologically inhibiting RTE reverse transcriptase activity. Moreover, we provide evidence that activation of DNA damage-mediated programmed cell death underlies both neuronal and glial hTDP-43 toxicity, consistent with RTE-mediated effects in both cell types. Our findings suggest a novel mechanism in which RTE activity contributes to neurodegeneration in TDP-43-mediated diseases such as ALS and FTLD.
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    Testing assumptions: Can performance rating feedback result in objective performance improvements?
    (ournal of Management and Innovation, 2018-11-14) Gonder, Jennifer; Metlay, William; Shapiro, Terri
    Performance appraisal is intended to be an instrument for performance improvement and the use of ratings is based on the assumption that rating feedback will have an impact on objective performance outcomes. Yet, most studies measure improvement as changes in performance ratings over time and there is limited empirical evidence to support this assumption. The present experiment was designed to address this gap in the literature by directly testing the effect of rating feedback on objective performance. Groups completed two problem solving tasks, receiving rating feedback on several team performance dimensions after the first task. Improvement in ratings and objective performance scores on the second task was measured to evaluate the impact of the feedback. Results replicated past research, demonstrating that rating feedback leads to improvement in subsequent ratings. Further, this experiment provides empirical evidence in support of the assumption that rating feedback can result in objective performance improvement.