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    Renewable Energy & Microgrids
    (2016) Lufker, James; Azam, Jawad; Carey, Joseph; Penner, David; Amani, Yaqub
    The demand for renewable energies and their integration to the grid has become more important than ever before due to various reasons, including the increasing cost of electricity, depleting fossil fuels, an increasing population, etc. Thus the vision of a sustainable future requires easy and reliable integration of renewable distributed generators to the grid. With the ever increasing complexity of today's technology it is necessary to use the latest in interactive software to fully understand the dynamics of distributed generators when they are connected with the main grid. Simulink/MATLAB, SAM, HOMER, PowerSim, EasyPower, as well as hardware resources such as microcontrollers and sensors were used to design and simulate a micro-grid. Our presentation will include a load analysis, based on a 2.5 MW peak demand, a selection of five different scenarios of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and a modified reduced generation through efficient LED lighting. Which will also be simulated with a small scale model of microcontrollers, electrical components and sensor modules. The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate the process and outcome of a micro-grid design based on clean, efficient and renewable energy.