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    1930s Home Movies of Brockport
    (2014-01-01) Hauck, Ian
    This rare footage was shot by a student in the "training school," or campus school as they called it then, of the old Brockport Normal School. The student was Emmett Costich, who used his father's movie camera to record various events. Much of the footage is of "Color Day," which was a spring celebration held each year. Some of the rest includes an 8th grade picnic at his house on College St., an "NRA" (National Recovery Administration) parade on Main St., and the removal of a "stand pipe" or water tower that stood approximately in between the plaza on 31 and Lake View cemetery. The footage shown here was edited, researched and captioned by Ian Hauck '17.
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    Hidden History: The Rose Archives at Brockport
    (2016-01-01) Priebe, Mitchell
    Mitchell Priebe, Class of 2017, did this video tour of the Rose Archives of the College at Brockport for a Communications 220 class. He did a nice capture of the archives, the collections, and the work that goes on to preserve and share the college history.