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    Public or Private? Reconsidering Ownership and Value of State Legislators’ Papers
    (Journal of the Midwest Archives Conference (MAC), 2013) Keough, Brian; Novara, Elizabeth
    Unlike congressional and presidential papers collections, which have a rich archival literature in support of their acquisition and management, archivists and researchers frequently overlook and undervalue state legislators’ papers. One reason for undervaluing state legislators’ papers is the lack of legal guidelines in most states for ownership of these political papers. This article presents the results of a broad survey of state laws and collecting policies within state archives regarding the collecting of state legislators’ papers. Overall, archivists, lawmakers, and the general public need to become more aware of the value of state legislators’ papers, pass laws that protect and define ownership of state legislators’ papers, and advocate for greater collaboration between state archival programs and other archival repositories to ensure their preservation.
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    Evaluating Teen Services and Programs [Book review]
    (2012) Mugridge, Rebecca L.
    This is a book review of Evaluating Teen Services and Programs, by Sarah Flowers.
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    Essential Library of Congress Subject Headings [Book review]
    (2012) Mugridge, Rebecca L.
    This is a book review of Essential Library of Congress Subject Headings by Vanda Broughton.
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    Assessment Strategies for Cataloging Managers
    (2014-01-22) Mugridge, Rebecca L.
    Qualitative assessment activities, when conducted regularly and methodically, can help managers and administrators understand the impact and value of the work that we do for our customers. Are we meeting our customers' needs? Are there services that we could provide but currently do not? What are our customers’ priorities? Are we responsive to their questions and issues? Are we working as effectively as we can? This webinar will explore the use of customer service surveys, focus groups, quality initiatives, benchmarking, and other methods to evaluate and assess the work that we do.