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    Discover New Ways to Publish and Promote YOUR scholarly works
    (2014-03-28) Kegler, Jennifer Little; The College at Brockport
    This poster will provide ideas for ways in which faculty can write and publish peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and book reviews, based on the author’s experiences. Many faculty have research and projects on which they would like to publish, especially with the creative opportunities that abound on college campuses. Converting them from ideas to articles and book chapters takes time, patience, and often collaboration with others. Learn how to discover appropriate publishing outlets in journals and books, including the rapidly growing outlet of open access journals. Once you finish your work, submit your draft and expect to make revisions. Your reward will be a published product. The author will also share how the creation of a profile in a digital repository has increased the visibility and readership of her works. The author has published several peer-reviewed articles and a book chapter over the past nine years, as sole author, co-author, and group author, in the field of library and information science. This poster should encourage faculty and staff of all disciplines and will focus on the scholarly communications aspect for this conference.
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    Introducing Students To Open Access Through Opportunities for Involvement
    (2014-03-28) Collins, Jennifer; SUNY Delhi
    The Open Access movement continues to gain momentum in academia with clear benefits for libraries, professors and students. Students are in a position to reap unique benefits from the Open Access movement and student involvement is essential to the successful integration of Open Access in the academic sphere. Many students are not aware of the Open Access movement and its relevance to them as a scholarly movement. The poster enumerates methods and suggested approaches for library outreach to students for the purpose of creating a foundation for new and continuing student participation in the Open Access movement. Library centric efforts include: library participation in global events like Open Access Week and with organizations such as The Right to Research Coalition, and the foundation of a student repository. Outreach to student activities include: partnering with student media (newspapers, blogs, or radio stations) to produce programming on Open Access, targeting students from majors with high achievement where a lack of open and shared research has serious repercussions for members of the field (these include majors in health care and veterinary medicine) and offering information sessions and materials on Open Access and scholarly publishing for both students and faculty. The purpose of the poster is to offer suggestions for outreach to students as well as library activities and best practices for libraries seeking to have students become involved in Open Access.
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    Finding IR collaborators on your campus
    (2014-03-28) Exline, Eleta; University of New Hampshire - Main Campus
    While the success of an institutional repository depends in part on engaging faculty and encouraging their participation, it can be difficult to capture the attention and imagination of this audience directly because their primary focus is on teaching and research projects. At the University of New Hampshire we reach out to faculty directly, but also have tapped into an existing network of people who already work closely with faculty and support faculty scholarship – Communications Coordinators for institutional research centers and institutes. By working closely with this group, who are charged with collecting, publishing, and promoting faculty publications, we are able to both gain access to the work they are doing and offer our support. Librarians offer publishing services through the repository, optimize indexing of faculty research by internet search services, resolve copyright issues, and advise on the use of reference management tools. Communications Coordinators promote repository services to faculty within their research groups and assist in collecting and depositing faculty publications in the repository. Our mutually beneficial relationships are based on shared goals: increasing the exposure of university scholarship and supporting faculty in their research. This poster presentation will outline the connections between librarians and Communications Coordinators at UNH and offer suggestions for uncovering and developing similar relationship at other institutions.
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    A Survey of STEM Faculty at Cornell and Syracuse Universities Regarding Author Fees for Open Access Journals
    (2014-03-28) Cusker, Jeremy; Cornell University
    Engineering librarians at Cornell University and Syracuse University surveyed faculty in math, physical sciences and engineering fields to determine their experience with and opinion of paying author fees in order to publish in Open Access journals.
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    Developing an undergraduate literary journal
    (2014-03-28) Easterly, Joe; SUNY Geneseo
    Gandy Dancer is a SUNY-wide literary journal which was launched in the Fall of 2012 at SUNY Geneseo. With a new issue every semester, students in a 400-level creative writing course serve as editors, reviewing roughly 100 submissions each semester from roughly a dozen SUNY campuses. This poster will cover the collaborative process used to develop this successful publication, and strategies for publishing an open-access literary magazine within the time and instructional constraints of a course. To read Gandy Dancer, visit