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    Postcard view of Brockport Normal, ca1910
    This pastcard image shows the old building complex as it stood about 1910. The last major addition, built in 1900, was a wing for the campus school, shown on the far right of the picture. This historic complex was much of it in poor condition and in 1938-1941 was torn down and today's Hartwell Hall was erected in its place.
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    Looking south in 1967
    Looking south in 1967. The campus mall area is largely done; note the athletics field house in the lower center, across the tracks, where the library and Allen are today.
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    Looking west circa 1974
    Looking west circa 1974. The current library and Allen are almost finished. Beyond them, to the left past some fields, is “Stage XVI,” a student apartment complex that did not stand the test of time…
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    Looking south 1963
    Looking south 1963. Look closely, in the center of the foreground you can see the frame work for Lennon Hall going up across from Lathrop and Morgan.
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    Looking northeast 1962
    Looking northeast 1962. Hartwell is off to the right. In the distance you see how we grew across Kenyon Street, adding more dorms and classroom space. In the foreground is the “field house,” by the original part of Tuttle. The field house was used for athletics.