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    “Grandma Jane"
    (2016-04-23) Oakley, Cherise; The College at Brockport
    This poem was originally a poem created for a dedication book given to my grandmother on her 90th birthday. After several revisions, and a few white lies, (poems are always better when you lie), I hope I’ve created a worthy homage to Grandma Jane and the lovely memories she created with her vision of family.
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    Xiao Hua
    (2016-04-23) Liu, Sarah; The College at Brockport
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    Sweet Apology
    (2016-04-23) Marseglia, Angela; The College at Brockport
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    Can't Shake Koinonia
    (2016-04-23) Johnson, Latasha D.; The College at Brockport
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    Little Button
    (2017-04-29) Tirado, Stef; The College at Brockport
    "Little Button" is a micro-fiction about suffering from anxiety and coping with the loss of a loved one in ways that may seem out of the ordinary.