2018 Student Project Showcase

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The Student Project Showcase was held on April 20th, 2018 from noon to 4pm in the Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM) on the ground floor of Donovan Hall. The Showcase featured over 70 projects from a variety of disciplines and programs.


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    Effect of HXT2 on Oxidative Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisia
    (2018-04-20) Alfoso, Stephanie; Endres, Lauren; advisor
    Understanding the oxidative stress response of eukaryotic cells in relationship to reactive oxygen species (ROS) can open up many doors to understanding, and thus possibly curing, diseases caused by exposure to ROS such as cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. Previous studies have indicated hexose transport genes (HXTs) may significantly influence stress response of the eukaryotic organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This study follows HXT2 mutants compared to normal strains of S. cerevisiae with the hypothesis that HXT2 mutants will show a significant decrease in growth when exposed to oxidative stress; varying results that show a possible correlation between HXT2 status and oxidative stress sensitivity, with further research needed for definitive support.
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    Design Culture, Immersion, and Viso-Spatial Learning: Enhancing Transfer of Training
    (2018-04-20) Zeina, Elias; Peterson, David II; Edgell, Robert; advisor; Berardino, Lisa; advisor; Olney, Jeffrey; advisor
    Scholars have long identified transfer of training as an important component in the model of training and development. In this research, we explore qualitative results from a series of educational initiatives that use design thinking pedagogy to teach collaborative design processes. We conclude by identifying particular aspects of immersion and viso-spatial techniques which hold high promise in helping to solve transfer of training problems.
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    Optimization of the Growth of Graphene on Cu Foil Substrates by Chemical Vapor Deposition
    (2018-04-20) Laveti, Siddarth; Hotalen, Jodi; Ventrice, Carl A., Jr
    The most common method for producing large area graphene films is by performing chemical vapor deposition on Cu foil substrates. The reason for using Cu as a substrate is that it has a very low solubility for C at the temperature that the chemical vapor deposition is performed, which ensures a self-limited growth of a single monolayer of graphene. The goal of this research project is to determine the optimal procedure for producing graphene films with a low defect density on Cu foil substrates.
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    Underground Greens
    (2018-04-20) Carambia, Christina; Boylan, Kristina; advisor
    A startup farm business, Underground Greens, owned by SUNY Poly student Christina Carambia offers a series of workshops in the local community, including a beginner's guide to starting your own seedlings. A specific workshop was developed with the help of Mr. Royce's 5th grade class at Bellamy Elementary school in Rome, NY. The Bellamy Elementary workshop takes an interdisciplinary perspective, including a crash course in agriculture, business, and marketing, as well as insights provided from the IDS 103, Dr. Kristina Boylan's Food & Society. Collaboration with Mr. Royce also resulted in the the inclusion of 5th grade Common Core elements and the characteristics needed to qualify as PBL (Project Based Learning).
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    Managing Private Information through Use of A Blockchain Network
    (2018-04-20) Clark, Casey; Marsh, John; advisor
    Has the success of Bitcoin overshadowed uses for the revolutionary system that made it successful?