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    American Literature 2
    (Lumen Learning, 2017-10) Dickinson, Joshua
    American Literature 2 is a standard post-Civil-War anthology. Heavily adapted from the Lumen course shell original, the book emphasizes well-integrated literary analysis writing and has several chapters focused on MLA and writing.
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    Practical Foundations and Principles for Teaching
    (2021-04-18) Dickinson, Joshua; Billings, Carol
    This text is a basic principles of education blended with theories of learning and foundations of education materials. It is geared toward elementary education majors just starting their teaching journeys and is meant to accompany other OERs (linked in the text) and primary readings.
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    Reading African American Literature
    (SUNY Press, 2020-12) Dickinson, Joshua
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    Readings in Children's Literature
    (2019-12) Dickinson, Joshua
    Readings in Children's Literature includes essay material on children's literature, as well as tales, verse, folklore, and short stories.
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    Guide to Creating Open Educational Resources: A Humanities Approach
    (Lumen Learning, 2020-03) Dickinson, Joshua
    This Open Education Resource "goes meta" by being about itself. Taking a Humanities approach necessarily involves textual analysis, and so this is a short book of design tips from the point of view of this field of knowledge. The OER broadly focuses on tips, tricks, heuristics, and trade-offs as I attempt to encourage more faculty to engage in development of resources which work for them and their students. The tone is informal. Since the creation process is inherently chaotic, there is no step-by-step guide on offer. Instead, I focus on the experience of creating OERs, demystifying some of the supposed boundaries and offering cues and guideposts.