Integrating Library Services Into a Learning Management System

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    Moodle Your Way to Better Training and Service: CMS in a Public Services Environment
    (2008-04-18) Wright, Julie; Gillie, Esther; Roberts Wesleyan College
    Roberts Wesleyan College opened a new library facility in August 2007. Along with a fabulous new structure came increases in activity, changes in organizational structure and job responsibilities, and a new environment. Staff needed a fast, effective way to communicate the rapid changes, to ensure that anyone working at the public services desk would be able to find information quickly, and to train a student workforce that had more than doubled in size. Staff worked together to develop a CMS to address these concerns. While still a work in progress, the CMS sites have worked well to ensure delivery of a high standard of customer service, including e-reserve materials.
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    A click away, night or day!
    (2008-04-18) Shantaram, Chandrika; Baker College
    This poster session will focus on the presenter's experience establishing access to library resources and services via Blackboard: library embedded in the virtual classroom. The relevant documents reside in the content system and are available to be linked from any course within Bb. Taking the library to where the students congregate has brought library awareness in faculty as well as students. The process was not quite easy, but the end result is, of course, positive and makes the effort well worth it.
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    Embedded Librarians in Distance Learning
    (2008-04-18) Jeremiah, Jacob; Roosevelt University
    In response to the growing needs of distance learning students and faculty at Roosevelt University, the Library created an embedded librarian program and tested it in several classes beginning in Spring 2007. Distance learning librarians are “embedded” in classes in Blackboard, allowing us to reach students inside their courses and work closely with faculty to get students the help they need. This poster will demonstrate how our embedded librarian program has implemented custom course site pages integrating chat, blogs, and discussion boards to provide reference and instruction to online students.
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    Library Orientation with Accountability: Using WebCT Quizzing for a Library Tour Program for Freshmen
    (2008-04-18) Burhanna, Kenneth; Thomas, Christopher; Kent State University
    This poster will highlight a recent project to provide an online option for library tours at Kent State University. Librarians created a self-paced, online library tour using Adobe Captivate, a Flash-authoring tool, and created a corresponding quiz in WebCT Vista. Students were asked to complete a library tour experience (either online or in-person) and then receive credit by passing the quiz in WebCT Vista, which reported grades directly to their instructors through the WebCT grade book.
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    Learning Information Literacy for Everyone: Populating the Learning Object Repository
    (2008-04-18) Nichols, James; SUNY Oswego
    At SUNY Oswego we have come to view the classroom as one learning environment, and the library as another. Both environments have moved online in substantial ways, giving us opportunities to remove the barriers between the two environments. Since 2000 we have taken a number of steps to enhance the library presence in the SUNY Learning Network, and most of these enhancements have migrated into our implementation of the ANGEL Learning Management System. Now with the availability of a digital learning object repository, we have the opportunity to fully support instructors in their efforts to infuse advanced-level information literacy through all the major programs. This poster session will report on our progress in the planning and organization of our Information Literacy Learning Object Repository, and demonstrate the use of shared learning objects in courses.