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  • Camtasia Studio v.3 

    Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
    Learn how to train, present, and connect with your audience using Camtasia Studio to create compelling training and presentations for delivery via the Web, on CD/DVD, or over your network.
  • Climate of sight : MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Zitzow, Kim (2014-05)
    Climate of sight is an archive that performs the question "what does rust want?" Transformed from a prompt generated by a proclivity toward the material itself, the aesthetic investigation began permeating other materials, ...
  • Here | Not Here: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Bisanzio, Taylor (2015)
    A manifestation of two years work, Here / Not Here is an installation that exposes the darkest moments of mental illness – allowing the audience to become familiar with their own demons. Although quite personal, with journal ...
  • Obscura: MFA Thesis - Sculpture 

    Mattison, Sarah Reese (2014-12)
    From the architectural element to Microsoft, windows are analogous to notions of the portal, the frame, and the screens of film, television, the computer and mobile phone. They represent a passage to other worlds, new ways ...