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  • BFA Thesis Project - Earthenware ceramic and performance 

    Minnick, Alex (2010-09-07)
    Earthenware ceramic sculpture entitled "Niatsus" (1 image) and installation with performance entitled "Business" (5 images) completed for the BFA Thesis Project
  • Noesis, the Inner Nature of Body Expression : MFA Thesis - Ceramics 

    Fortin, Christopher (2014-05)
    As we progress through time, language is generated and adapted through the ever-changing structures of society and technology. Like all languages, non-verbal communication has adapted and changed through time and culture. ...
  • Obscura: MFA Thesis - Sculpture 

    Mattison, Sarah Reese (2014-12)
    From the architectural element to Microsoft, windows are analogous to notions of the portal, the frame, and the screens of film, television, the computer and mobile phone. They represent a passage to other worlds, new ways ...
  • Reflections on Sculpture 

    Frabetti, Alton Ciro (2007-05-01)
  • Special Olympics Sculpture 

    tsereteli, Zurab; College Photographer, Unknown (1979)
    Special Olympics sculpture by Zurab Tsereteli entitled "Joy and Happiness to All the Children of the World". The five pillars represent the five continents that would be represented at the Special Olympics Games in 1979.