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    • Applying Game Learning Principles to Analyze and Identify Improvements for Scuba Training Simulations 

      Schaller, Shaun; Yucel, Ibrahim; Thesis Advisor; Kahn, Russell; Second Reader (2018-04)
      The purpose of this project was to analyze whether existing simulations for scuba diving are effective training tools, and to further develop prototype mockups that demonstrate how a simulation embedded with important ...
    • Blogging as a Tool to Promote Student-Centered Learning 

      Besler, Steven Richard (2013-12-01)
      With recent changes in the educational realm there is an inherent push for students to take an active role in creating their own ways to retain information. This can be defined as Student-centered learning instruction. As ...
    • Designing Assessment Measures for Student Learning 

      Marshall, Judith E. (2008-01-30)
      Keynote Speaker: Dr. Daniel K. Apple, President, Pacific Crest with lead in examining five types of learning outcomes.
    • Executive Functions as Predictors of Classroom Listening Skills 

      Hungerford, Suzanne; Douglas, Priscilla; Selvarajah, Elizabeth (2012)
      The purpose of this study was to determine if executive functions, including working memory, are predictors of spoken language processing skills (or listening skills ) in the classroom, as measured by the Children's ...
    • Faculty Peer Mentoring 

      unknown (2008-09-02)
      See education as a key set of processes and understand how the key processes of learning (using different learning theories), teaching (facilitation of learning), mentoring (facilitation of growth), curriculum design, and ...