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    • Development of an Interactive Case Study Capability 

      Urban, Christopher; Van Knowe, Glenn E.; Waight, Kenneth T. (2012)
      INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION: Place student in decision-maker role by simulating real world situations using computer-based, interactive case studies. BACKGROUND & SIGNIFICANCE: Instruction in math, science, and ...
    • Integration of Virtual and Real Equipment Learning Tools Related to Sustainability Education 

      Bremer, Mark; Yucel, Ibrahim; Urban, Christopher; Waight, Kenneth, T. III; Van Knowe, Glenn E.; Keesee, Robert; Rossi, Elizabeth; Tulino, Suzanne; Wei, Xinchao; Tang, Brian Hong-An (2013)
      Instructional Technology Innovation: Our project will focus on integrating a set of virtual exercises with real systems learning tools to address alternate energy and sustainability issues in both formal and informal ...
    • Student Mediated Video Lecture Capture 

      Sarner, Ronald; Mullick, Rosemary J.; Novillo, Jorge; Urban, Christopher; Merante, Nick (2012)
      Video capture of class sessions is appealing for a variety of reasons, among them: a means for a student to review a small portion of a class that may be confusing or to prepare for exams; reducing in-class time devoted ...