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  • Comic Books as American Propaganda During World War II 

    Dellecese, David; Stam, Kathryn; Thesis Advisor; Lizardi, Ryan; Second Reader; Kahn, Russell; Instructor (2018-05)
    American comic books were a relatively, but quite popular form of media during the years of World War II. Amid a limited media landscape that otherwise consisted of radio, film, newspaper, and magazines, comics served ...
  • The Factory Times Geek Week 2015 

    Baptiste, Anthony; Papatheodorou, Elias; Soljour, Eunice-Rose; Bismarck, Abram; Gregory, Kira (The Factory Times staff, 2015-04)
    The Factory Times is published monthly and funded through advertising revenue and a portion of the mandatory student activities fee. It is written, designed, and published by the students of SUNYIT. The articles inside ...