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    • Academic Dishonesty policy 

      Student Policies (2008-02-18)
      The Departments of History and English, following discussion with Dr. Michael Fox, propose the following Minor Changes to the Policy on Student Academic Dishonesty.
    • Academic Dishonesty Policy Revisions of Resolution #29 2002-2003 

      Student Policies (2007-02-19)
      Minor revisions to the current policy which will make it more clear. This would include some re-wording, some reordering, and the addition of a flow chart. Dr. Fox has reviewed it and also made additions.
    • Academic Honors 

      Student Policies (2005-04-18)
      Raise minimum GPA from 3.25 to 3.4, and establish differentiated levels of Dean’s List, including a President’s List for those achieving 4.0, to be effective Fall 2005. Raise minimum standards for various levels of Latin ...
    • Action on Grants-in-Aid and Non-Monetary Awards 

      Student Policies (1978-04-03)
      Proposal to rescind the Grants-in-Aid and Non-Monetary Awards, created 1/6/1969, was approved with two abstentions.
    • Admitting Students to the RNBSN Completion Program Pre-Licensure 

      Student Policies (2019-03-07)
      Our current program admission guidelines are to admit students after they have passed NCLEX (state boards) and have a New York state RN license. The RNBSN program is requesting to admit students pre-licensure. Students ...
    • Appeal Procedure: Accommodation for Disabilities 

      Student Policies (2001-02-26)
    • Attendance Policy 

      Student Policies (2007-05-07)
      The current proposal is not explicit in the right of faculty members to set their attendance requirements and grading in the area of both excused and unexcused absences. After seeking external comments, several rewrites ...
    • Attendance Policy 

      Student Policies (1995-12-04)
    • Auditing Courses 

      Student Policies (2004-04-05)
      See attached rationale. This proposal is an attempt to gain more control with regard to unregistered students sitting in on classes with or without instructor approval.
    • Change in Wording on the Request for Change of Grade Form 

      Student Policies (2007-04-09)
      Original: The existing form reflects regulations published in the Faculty Handbook indicating changes of grades may be made only because of instructor’s error. In a variety of situations, a change of grade is necessary and ...
    • Change the number of credits required to declare the Bachelor of Liberal Studies Major from 60 to 54 

      Student Policies (2017-01-30)
      The current resolution requires students to have 60 credits in order to declare this major. These students are generally Undeclared until they hit the 60 credit mark. If a student is receiving Financial Aid, they must have ...
    • College Drop Policy 

      Student Policies (1989-10-30)
    • College Policy on the Use of Communications and Electronic Devices 

      Student Policies (2005-12-12)
      Communications and electronic devices are appearing in the College classrooms and offices with increasing regularity. These devices can be useful adjuncts to learning, for example, using laptop computers to facilitate note ...
    • Declaring Matriculation or Not Pursuing a Degree 

      Student Policies (1989-02-06)
    • Disability Statement 

      Student Policies (2004-04-05)
      The Disability Statement that appears on course syllabi and that is read in class may not sufficiently explain the process for serving students with disabilities. The revised statement places responsibilities for assessing ...
    • Drop / Withdrawal Timing 

      Student Policies (1990-10-15)
    • Drop Policy Revision 

      Student Policies (1985-04-15)
    • Elimination of Auto Reinstatement after Academic Dismissal 

      Student Policies (2012-10-29)
      Currently, probationary students who fail to earn a 2.0 GPA but who come within 12 quality points of this GPA receive an automatic reinstatement which allows them to continue as a student at the College. After a first ...
    • Endorsement of Mission and Vision Statements for the First Year of College 

      Student Policies (2005-04-04)
      The Foundations of Excellence in the First College Year TM Task Force wrote the Mission and Vision statements for the First Year of College and recommends that the College Senate discuss and endorse them before they are ...
    • Establishing a National Honor Society 

      Student Policies (1985-11-04)