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    • Effects of Supplemental Probiotics and Prebiotics on Growth and Carcass Quality in Meat Rabbits 

      Leemans, Emily.; Lee, Cheyenne.; Tarvis, Kimberly, Dr.; Shelley, Cynthia, Dr. (2015-04)
      Due to the public dissatisfaction of growth hormones to produce meat, farmers are forced to look for other methods of growing animals. Probiotics and prebiotics are said to increase digestion and feed efficiency in animals. ...
    • Effects of Target Training and Enrichment on Swine Behavior 

      Worthing, Raven.; Shelley, Cynthia, Dr.; Tarvis, Kim M., Dr. (2015)
      The mission of this study was to introduce pigs to target training in order to see if the they would benefit from the enrichment as well as if it would create easier farm management techniques for the producer. Target ...
    • Memory in Goldfish 

      Edwards, Emily E.; Tarvis, Kim M., Dr.; Shelley, Cynthia, Dr. (2015-04)
      An experiment involving memory and learning in goldfish.