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  • Becoming. Transformations within the Maternal Exchange: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Jaehnert, Tina (2016-05)
    Entering into a parenting role awakens unexpected concerns, fears, joys, and anticipations. Instincts go into overdrive as life’s main purpose shifts from self-preservation to protection and nurturing our child or children. ...
  • BFA Thesis Project - sculptures, mixed media, and installation 

    Stoddart, Sebastian (2010-09-07)
    Images of sculptures (wood) and mixed media completed for the BFA Thesis project
  • How to Steal the American Dream: MFA Thesis - Sculpture 

    Monk, Andy (2017-12)
    The work in my MFA thesis exhibition, How to Steal the American Dream creates a rare opportunity for honest examination and discussion of a political topic in the era of “alternative facts” and “fake news” by using visual ...
  • In//Access//Able: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Huckins, John (2014-05)
    I manipulate rods of steel and bronze in a way that is in conflict with the materials’ own properties. Through my work, through effort, I show the relation between a body in action and the material’s ability to be ...
  • JAKE QUEST: MFA Thesis - Sculpture 

    Demenkoff, Jake (2018-05)
    Objects made by humans contain within them human characteristics. For example, chairs, like people, have legs, arms, backs, feet. Bottles have necks. Clocks have hands. People and the objects we make are unified by a common ...
  • Low-key Solidarity, Strategies for the Alliance: MFA Thesis - Sculpture 

    Gallira, Ana Azzue (2017-05)
    Giving space for viewers to cultivate curiosity for other people through whimsical and lighthearted objects and interactive experiences grounds my research. I make work that confronts the reality that most human relationships ...
  • Moments Materialized: MFA Thesis-Ceramics 

    Morton, Rebecca (2017-05)
    Through movement, I am aware that my mind quickens my body and my body invigorates my mind. Movement, for me, is a response to a particular place in time similar to an improvisational dance. I’m interested in large amounts ...
  • Special Olympics Statue, ca. 1979 

    College Photographer, Unknown (2007-02-13)
    Sculpture by Zurab Tsereteli entitled "Joy and Happiness to All the Children of the World". A gift from the Soviet Union to commemorate the Special Olympics games held at SUNY College at Brockport in 1979.
  • Symbioses, Recollect: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Christie, Kimberly (2017-05)
    ‘Symbioses: Recollect’ focuses on themes of memory and relationship. Symbolic ceramic sculptures join dreamy relief prints in simplifying the complexities of these ideas. The word ‘symbiosis’ translates to ‘living together’. ...