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    • 1899 Yearbook 

      School, Brockport Normal (Brockport Republic Print, 1899-01-01)
      The first ever yearbook of the Brockport Normal School, a one time effort, class of 1899.
    • Alumni Listing 1868-1916 

      School, Brockport Normal (1917-01-01)
      This is a list by class, and then by name, of the graduates of the Brockport Normal School, the classes of 1868-1916. For the genealogists, it does list addresses and married names. You can use the search function in Digital ...
    • Alumni Listing, 1923-1932 

      School, Brockport Normal (1932-01-01)
      This is a merged set of alumni lists, one covering the classes of 1923-1927, and the other the classes of 1928-1932. There are faculty lists as well.
    • Alumni Locality Index, 1867-1922 

      School, Brockport Normal (1923-01-01)
      This supplement to the 1917 Semicentennial booklet is mainly made up of a locality index, A-Z by name of town or city, showing where Brockport alumni of 1867-1922 were living at the time of publication. If the file is ...
    • Semicentennial of 1917: Speeches, General History, Faculty Roster & Illustrations 

      School, Brockport Normal (1917-01-01)
      From 1917, speeches, a brief history, a faculty roster and some images of the Brockport State Normal School on the 50th anniversary of its becoming a state school in 1867.