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  • Creating Mobile “Makerspaces” to Support Experiential Learning 

    Antonucci-Durgan, Dana; Wood, Susan; Turano, Paul; Hahn, Troy; Hassildine, Edward; Vogel, Damon (2014)
    This project aims to investigate the effectiveness of mobile “makerspaces” to support experiential learning and to introduce students to new technologies. The mobile makerspace concept capitalizes on the expertise of the ...
  • Cross-Cultural Experiential Learning Evaluation Project 

    Chandra, Bidhan; Landa, Keith; Smolar, Rebecca; Mukherji, Runi; Torcivia, Patrica Prusko; Jagendorf-Sobierajski, Susan (2013)
    E-Portfolio adoption is a priority for the SUNY system. E-Portfolios are a formidable tool to help students demonstrate learning and present future employers with a deep understanding of what students gained from their ...
  • Cultivating a Composing Process: Growing Critical Thinking and Student Success with ePortfolios 

    Gerken, Timothy W.; Galusky, Wyatt; Efimenko, Aron; Barber, Matt (2013)
    Electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) are well established learning tools that correlate well with student success. With this project, we plan to introduce them at Morrisville State College (MSC), targeting two specific areas ...
  • Designing Innovative Online Learning: Integrating a Coursera MOOC with Open SUNY Badging 

    Jacobsen, Trudi; Mackey, Thomas; Forte, michele; McQuigge, Amy; Stone, Kathleen; Hecker, Jenna; O'Brien, Kelsey (2014)
    This project, led by Principal Investigators Trudi Jacobson and Tom Mackey, ex-pands the SUNY-wide Metaliteracy Learning Collaborative to develop a Coursera MOOC on metaliteracy that integrates with our existing Open SUNY ...
  • Developing a Semi-standardized and Accessible Introduction to Computer Science Course for the SUNY System 

    Zhang, Sen; Reed, Howard; Marcello, Cynthia; Antonakos, James; Hoskey, Arthur (2014)
    Until K-12 fully implements computer science (CS) education nationwide, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) must continue to assume an active, effective, and remedial role in bridging incoming freshmen to computer ...
  • Increasing Access to Nonprofit Management Leadershop Education 

    Harrison, Yvonne; Murray, Vic; Oberlander, Cyril (2014)
    The Certificate of Nonprofit Management and Leadership (CNML) jointly sponsored by Rockefeller College’s Department of Public Administration and Policy and the School of Social Welfare, is dedicated to increasing access ...
  • The Information Literacy User’s Guide: An Open, Online Textbook 

    Jacobsen, Trudi; Bobish, Greg; Bernnard, Deborah; Bullis, Daryl; Hecker, Jenna; Holden, Irina; Hosier, Allison; Loney, Tor (Open SUNY Textbooks at the State University of New York College at Geneseo, 2014-04-04)
    Good researchers have a host of tools at their disposal that make navigating today’s complex information ecosystem much more manageable. Gaining the knowledge, abilities, and self-reflection necessary to be a good researcher ...
  • Integrated Online Database for Plant Identification and Use in the Landscape 

    Bassuk, Nina; Trowbridge, Peter (2012)
    Enhancing The Learning Experience With Innovative Technology. Creating the Urban Eden, (Horticulture/Landscape Architecture 4910-4920), a course taught jointly by faculty in the Departments of Landscape Architecture and ...
  • Introducing Virtualization via OpenStack “Cloud” System to SUNY Orange Applied Technologies Students 

    Rigby, Christopher (2013)
    SUNY Orange seeks support for augmenting the study of virtualization by students majoring in Networking and Cyber Security in the Applied Technologies Department. The goal is to expose students to a more extensive range ...
  • iPads for Music Making and Music Teaching 

    Reese, Jill; Wilson, Matthew (2013)
    The overall purpose for this proposal, “iPads for Music Making and Teaching,” is to provide the opportunity for undergraduate music education majors to develop their abilities to effectively use technology to scaffold and ...
  • John LaRosa-President of SUNY Downstate 

    Stock, LaRosa (2011-03-08)
  • MOOC Model for Workforce Development in High Demand Labor Industry of Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides, Phase 2 

    Wade, Andrea; O'Hara, Leslie (2015)
    Using Targeted OERs to Develop Core Academic Skills in the Disciplines is a project that will serve the goals of both Open SUNY and SUNY Excels, specifically the creation of open-source shareable learning resources, the ...
  • Multimedia Innovation Instruction Technology (MIIT) 

    Faraday, Christine; Spiegelman, Marsha (2013)
    The goal of this project is to encourage collaborative student work that is enhanced by web 2.0 tools. Currently, faculty is hesitant to assign many group projects because they cannot assume that the students who attend ...
  • Natural Resources Biometrics 

    Kiernan, Diane (Open SUNY Textbooks at the State University of New York College at Geneseo, 2014-01-16)
    Natural Resources Biometrics begins with a review of descriptive statistics, estimation, and hypothesis testing. The following chapters cover one- and two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), including multiple comparison ...
  • Steps to Success: Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy Research and Practice 

    Munger, Kristen; Crandall, Bryan Ripley; Cullen, Kathleen A.; Duffy, Michelle A.; Dussling, Tess M.; Lewis, Elizabeth; McQuitty, Vicki; Murray, Maria; O'Toole, Joanne E.; Robertson, Joanna M.; Stevens, Elizabeth Y. (Open SUNY Textbooks at the State University of New York College at Geneseo, 2016-03-21)
    Steps to Success: Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy Research and Practice introduces instructional strategies linked to the most current research-supported practices in the field of literacy. The book includes chapters ...
  • TeachLivE from New York: Developing Innovative Practices in Immersive Teaching Technology 

    Vince Garland, Krista (2013)
    In teacher preparation, more effective pathways and practices are needed for preparing, placing, and supporting beginning teachers and principals (Darling-Hammond, 2010; U.S. Department of Education, 2009). A common issue ...
  • UUP West Campus Chapter General Membership Meeting 

    Smith, Phil; Shertzer, Arthur (2010-03-04)
    A candid discussion of the related issues of the current proposed higher education legislation in New York State, commonly referred to "SUNY Flex."