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  • The Corning Mace 

    Unknown author (Corning Community College, 1964-05-23)
    The College Mace was presented to the President of Corning Community College at the Dedicatory Ceremony held on 23 May 1964. A gift from the College Faculty, the mace was designed by Robert York Goodden, Professor, Royal ...
  • Expressions 2015 

    Unknown author (SUNY Adirondack, 2015)
    A student-edited publication featuring works by students, faculty, staff, and SUNY Adirondack alumni.
  • Shift: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Fiorentino, Mary Beth (2018-05)
    My interest lies in the adaptability and persistence of the living world, particularly in the face of adverse conditions—like a young fern that unfurls through a small crack in the sidewalk. Patiently, the forces of nature ...
  • Stamp of Nature : MFA Thesis - Ceramics 

    Mourton, Sara (2014-05-28)
    The intent of this body of work began as a way to explore processes of making and to incorporate them with equal reverence and sensitivity to material into the making of functionally situated ceramic objects that play on ...
  • Things Left: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Hunter, Julianne (2017-05)
    The spaces we occupy and the objects we value vary in degrees of importance at different times. The idea of “home” often encompasses a certain feeling of ambiguity and temporality that is always in flux. For some, home ...