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    • CITE: Collaborate Interactive Table for Education 

      Jofre, Ana; Yucel, Ibrahim; Boylan, Kristina A.; Reale, Michael J.; LeJeune, Nick (2019)
      We have developed CITE (the Collaborative Interactive Tabletop for Education), which is a tangible user interface (TUI) that allows users to physically interact with data. Specifically, it allows users to manipulate on-screen ...
    • SUNY Immersive Augmented Reality Classroom 

      Yucel, Ibrahim; Piejko, Joshua; Reale, Michael J.; Abdallah, Mohammed; Dischiavo, Megan (2017)
      The advent of affordable Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions (Microsoft Hololens and HTC Vive) prompts us to explore the use of such technologies to enhance pedagogy via immersive room scale simulation. Therefore, ...