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    • 2017 SUNY Polytechnic Institute Student Project Showcase Program 

      Nadel, Max; Pritting, Shannon (2017-04)
      The Student Project Showcase is an annual event featuring the applied learning and academic activities of SUNY Polytechnic Institute undergraduate and graduate students. Students present posters, provide demonstrations, ...
    • Advancements in Real-Time Availability in Interlibrary Loan 

      Pritting, Shannon; Jones, William (Taylor and Francis, 2015-01)
      Determining if items are available is a major part of interlibrary loan work. Many libraries try to minimize staff time spent on determining availability by investing in circulation-based resource-sharing systems that ...
    • Enhancing Resource Sharing Access through System Integration 

      Pritting, Shannon; Jones III, William; Jackson, Timothy; Mulligan, Michael (Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve, 2017-04-12)
      The application and IT ecosystem of academic libraries typically includes multiple systems, with crucial functions requiring using or sharing information between them. However, library systems are often not well integrated, ...
    • Open Scholarship on a Shoestring 

      Hewitt, Rebecca; Parker, Jennifer; Pritting, Shannon (2018-06)
      Grant funding has been central to SUNY Polytechnic’s leadership in the open access (OA) campaign on campus. Partnering with SUNY, regional, and campus associations, our library has won thousands of dollars to support ...
    • Program for 2018 Student Project Showcase 

      Hewitt, Rebecca; Pritting, Shannon; Parker, Jennifer; Volo, Kevin (2018-04-20)
      This program contains the entries for all students who submitted projects to be entered in the Showcase, including the team member names and the abstracts for the projects.