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  • Becoming. Transformations within the Maternal Exchange: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Jaehnert, Tina (2016-05)
    Entering into a parenting role awakens unexpected concerns, fears, joys, and anticipations. Instincts go into overdrive as life’s main purpose shifts from self-preservation to protection and nurturing our child or children. ...
  • Onward and tally-ho: MFA Thesis - Printmaking  

    Hale, B Jensen (2019-05)
    Like many people, I am tired. Tired of the tension that seems to drive our society, tired of self-imposed echo chambers, and tired of feeling like I have so little power to help. How can such problems be approached? I ...
  • Symbioses, Recollect: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Christie, Kimberly (2017-05)
    ‘Symbioses: Recollect’ focuses on themes of memory and relationship. Symbolic ceramic sculptures join dreamy relief prints in simplifying the complexities of these ideas. The word ‘symbiosis’ translates to ‘living together’. ...