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  • The benefits of summer camps for youth at risk: a circle of courage framework 

    Klee, Allison (2018-05)
    In our ever-growing and fast-paced world, there are fewer and fewer spaces where children are afforded the opportunities to simply play. Schools and other child-centered spaces where children are supposed to be able to ...
  • Closer Approximations: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Kellogg, Benjamin (2018-05)
    My work is situated in a framework of practice and play—the result of an iterative process. Formal conclusions emerge as responses to self-imposed systems of making. I fabricate jewelry tangent to simple drawing programs ...
  • Pete Corey 1943 

    State University College at Cortland (2011-04-01)
  • XOX! share the love: MFA Thesis - Sculpture 

    Herring, Lynn (2019-05)
    XOX! Share the Love is a thoughtfully designed and skillfully crafted work of art that utilizes ubiquitous iconic symbols, playful shapes and forms, and vibrant colors to attract and to stimulate viewer interaction. With ...