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    • Long Island Historical Journal, Volume 06, Number 1 (Fall 1993) 

      Naylor, Natalie A.; Crease, Robert P.; Gombieski, Jane S.; Sterngass, Jane A.; Krieg, Joann P.; Spinzia, Raymond E.; Harmond, Richard P.; Plank, Raymond; Keller, Mollie; Maresca, Thomas; Hewlett, John A.; Beal, Thomas D.; Howlett, Charles F.; Ayres, William (Stony Brook University, Department of History, 1993)
      TABLE OF CONTENTS - EDITORIAL COMMENT - 1 / FEATURE ARTICLES: Long Island’s Mrs. Tippecanoe and Mrs. Tyler Two by Natalie A. Naylor - 2 / History of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Part Three: Little Science, ...