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  • After the tipping point: investigating visuals of transgender bodies in magazine media 

    Manzella, Samantha L. (2018-08)
    How do we trouble cisnormativity in a world that relies so heavily on gender identity? From the clothes we wear to the language we use, gender markers shape how we experience the world and engage with others. Too often, ...
  • Art Criticism 

    Stony Brook University. Dept. of Art.; Cunningham, Joseph; Cunningham, Joseph; Baigell, Matthew; Ho Yu, Chong; Mahon, Eugene; Kuspit, Donald (Department of Art, Stony Brook UniversityStony Brook, NY, 2004)
    If Art Criticism meets some of its editors’ hopes for it, we shall be able to claim the appearance of some art criticism, with subjects arising from the writers’ or editors’ decisions, rather than the art market’s. Articles ...
  • Becoming. Transformations within the Maternal Exchange: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Jaehnert, Tina (2016-05)
    Entering into a parenting role awakens unexpected concerns, fears, joys, and anticipations. Instincts go into overdrive as life’s main purpose shifts from self-preservation to protection and nurturing our child or children. ...
  • Expressions 2015 

    Unknown author (SUNY Adirondack, 2015)
    A student-edited publication featuring works by students, faculty, staff, and SUNY Adirondack alumni.
  • Nudes: recontextualizing the female nude in contemporary art 

    Monsour, Leah (2018-05)
    In this paper I will discuss my photographic project titled “Nudes”; the research that lead to its conception, and the process in its various iterations. This project is a visual response to the male gaze. How we are trained ...
  • Self / Conscious : MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

    Guile, Lindsey (2014-05)
    My art work explores the intimate contact of physical interaction, especially with one's self. Beyond the sexual nature of touch, the focus is on discovery, acknowledgment, embodiment and eventually ownership. This series ...