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    • Creating a Trans-Inclusive Campus 

      Obourn, Megan (2013-09-19)
      Abstract: This session will look primarily at the question of how The College at Brockport and other US universities are creating transgender inclusive campuses for students, staff, and faculty. We will define practical ...
    • Cultural Competence Requires Cultural Intelligence — CQ for Your Life and Career (Panel) 

      Schuhle-Williams, Karen; Mitra, Sandeep; Obourn, Megan; Podsiadly, Karen; Ponicsan, Ivonne (2016-10-06)
      We hear volumes about the importance of being culturally competent in response to ever-increasing diversity in the workplace and our communities, but little on how to achieve such competence. Hear and contemplate the ...
    • Disability and Ableism in Higher Education 

      Ashton, Jennifer; Obourn, Megan (2016-10-06)
      Disability portrayed as residing within the individual reproduces a medical model where a person's identity is presumed to be a problem needing remediation. A social model of disability recognizes that while impairment can ...
    • VIP Welcome and Presentation of the 2016 Diversity Awards 

      Obourn, Megan; Feldman, Douglas; Bonner, Devin; Macpherson, Heidi (2016-10-06)