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    • Increasing Access to Nonprofit Management Leadershop Education 

      Harrison, Yvonne; Murray, Vic; Oberlander, Cyril (2014)
      The Certificate of Nonprofit Management and Leadership (CNML) jointly sponsored by Rockefeller College’s Department of Public Administration and Policy and the School of Social Welfare, is dedicated to increasing access ...
    • Open SUNY Textbooks 

      Oberlander, Cyril; Lyons, Charles (2012)
      Creating open access content for Open SUNY that scales means developing new service frameworks; libraries can help provide that new infrastructure. The IITG grant would fund an innovative and collaborative pilot to develop ...
    • Open SUNY Textbooks Renewal 

      Oberlander, Cyril; Lyons, Charles (2013)
      The Open SUNY Textbook 2012 program, a very successful pilot, proved that SUNY Faculty and Libraries are interested in creating high-quality open textbooks. We received 38 proposals in a 2 week call for a writing deadline ...