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  • Closer Approximations: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Kellogg, Benjamin (2018-05)
    My work is situated in a framework of practice and play—the result of an iterative process. Formal conclusions emerge as responses to self-imposed systems of making. I fabricate jewelry tangent to simple drawing programs ...
  • In//Access//Able: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Huckins, John (2014-05)
    I manipulate rods of steel and bronze in a way that is in conflict with the materials’ own properties. Through my work, through effort, I show the relation between a body in action and the material’s ability to be ...
  • Oh, Wonder! Votives of the Anthropocene: MFA Thesis Metal 

    Chandler, Emma Olivia (2017-05)
    My research occurs in biological and archeological texts, as well as in mythological realms. The twin tracks of scientific investigation and folklore illuminate a wide range of relationships between that which we imagine ...
  • RECUERDOS: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Wilson, Katherine (2014-05)
    My work revolves around the concept of memory, with a concentration in familial and collective memory. The objects I create have been affected by memory. The understanding of material choices, forms and construction have ...
  • Shift: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Fiorentino, Mary Beth (2018-05)
    My interest lies in the adaptability and persistence of the living world, particularly in the face of adverse conditions—like a young fern that unfurls through a small crack in the sidewalk. Patiently, the forces of nature ...
  • Untitled 

    Flechenstein, Daniel (n.d.)
    American, b. 1958
  • Untitled 

    Flechenstein, Daniel (n.d.)
    American, b. 1958