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  • Beyond Our Ideal Wonderland - Curioser and Curioser! : MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Kweon, Se Ra (2016-05)
    Currently unsatisfying reality makes us want to imagine living in our daydreams. Daydreams may even be more than just wishful explorations; they may be pricelessly useful. They are our rehearsals for future actions (Singer ...
  • Callous Mind: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Lane, Christopher (2017-05)
    Post-traumatic stress disorder is a life altering condition that impacts millions. It changes the way we think, see, feel, act and live our lives. Witnessing those suffering from this mental disease that often goes untreated ...
  • Construction Documents for the Better Part of 1992, as Remembered: MFA Thesis - Ceramics 

    Longobardo, Jessica (2015-05)
    Human brains are predisposed to remember spatial information more easily than other forms, such as names, dates, instructions, or timelines. This phenomenon is the genesis of my sculptural process: if spaces are easier ...
  • Forgiven: MFA Thesis - Painting 

    Bennett, Michelle (2014-05)
    My work reflects an effort to channel memories and experiences onto the canvas. I paint about pain and internalized struggle where language is often inadequate to describe these effects. I am interested in creating ...
  • In Between: MFA Thesis - Ceramics 

    Oh, Eunyoung (2017-05)
    My work reconstructs my childhood memories of longing to value moments of the past. I investigate the intersection of my heritage, yearnings, and life in the present. I build clay sculptural forms, using Korean methods of ...
  • Memory in Goldfish 

    Edwards, Emily E.; Tarvis, Kim M., Dr.; Shelley, Cynthia, Dr. (2015-04)
    An experiment involving memory and learning in goldfish.
  • Mise-en-scène : MFA Thesis - Painting and Drawing 

    Coté, Amy (2014-02-27)
    My work is an amalgam of personal experience, imagined narratives and a subconscious response to the infinite, available currents of information and imagery present in our world today. It celebrates color, humor and the absurd.
  • RECUERDOS: MFA Thesis - Metal 

    Wilson, Katherine (2014-05)
    My work revolves around the concept of memory, with a concentration in familial and collective memory. The objects I create have been affected by memory. The understanding of material choices, forms and construction have ...
  • Symbioses, Recollect: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Christie, Kimberly (2017-05)
    ‘Symbioses: Recollect’ focuses on themes of memory and relationship. Symbolic ceramic sculptures join dreamy relief prints in simplifying the complexities of these ideas. The word ‘symbiosis’ translates to ‘living together’. ...
  • Things Left: MFA Thesis - Printmaking 

    Hunter, Julianne (2017-05)
    The spaces we occupy and the objects we value vary in degrees of importance at different times. The idea of “home” often encompasses a certain feeling of ambiguity and temporality that is always in flux. For some, home ...