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    • Canvasback 

      Bailey, Guy; Haynes, James M.; Makarewicz, Joseph C.; McIntyre, Dylan J. (1916-03-01)
      Canvasback. Flock of Ducks Swimming; Canvasbacks and Blue-bills. Photographed by Guy Bailey. Ithaca, New York. (March 12, 1916)
    • Capillary Condensation Transitions and Meniscus: Parallel Planes, Nanotubes, and Wedge 

      McIntyre, Dylan J.; Jira, Nicholas C. (2015-04-10)
      Dylan J. McIntyre, Nicholas C. Jira, M. T. Romano, J. R. D'Rozario, M. Guedes_Duarte, T. Dougherty, and C.C. Ilie Herein, we investigate the behavior of vapor in confined media as it condenses into a liquid. Capillary ...