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    • Changing Attitudes for Online Learning: A Gamified Approach to Preparing Students to Learn Online 

      Moreland, Allison; Rodick, Alena; Lewis, Mark; Logsdon, Seana (2019)
      This project proposes an innovative approach to preparing students for online study. Many students have experience using the Internet and online tools but aren’t able to translate these skills into online learning, resulting ...
    • The Open Home Project 

      Gal, Diane; Lewis, Mark (2019)
      This proposed project will build off our innovative efforts with prior IITG and SUNY OER grants and merge them into a new “Open Home” ecosystem using open-source tools and materials for programs in the Humanities, Arts, ...
    • Supporting the needs of 21st Century Learners: Faculty Development with Tools of Engagement 

      Whiteley-Grassi, Nathan; Hoefler, Patricia; Lewis, Mark; Teoh, Jase; Fortune, Michael; Eryilmaz, Evren; Coleman, Sheryl (2012)
      This project is based on work done in the University of Buffalo Tools of Engagement project* Based on feedback shared at this year’s CIT (2012), this program has been successful and popular among students and is believed ...